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With a mission to revive forgotten handcrafting techniques, champion alternative raw materials and low impact textiles that make fashion truly sustainable, Organico provides a platform where conscious consumers can discover unique pieces that embody their individuality.

Organico's collection is a vibrant tapestry of authentic craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and environmentally friendly practices. Each piece tells a story, celebrating the rich traditions and artistic brilliance of artisans from diverse regions. By sourcing from the lesser-known corners of South East Asia, Organico aims to uplift local communities, empower artisans, and preserve their age-old traditions.

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“Our vision is to redefine sustainable living by offering a curated selection of handcrafted treasures that not only exude beauty but also align with our ethos of ethical and environmentally conscious fashion. Through Organico, we hope to bridge the gap between conscious consumers and talented artisans, fostering a deeper appreciation for the stories behind each unique creation," said Barsha Baid, Founder of Organico.

Organico's diverse collection encompasses sustainable apparel for both men and women, embracing inclusivity by offering customisation options. From organic cotton dresses and linen shirts to vegan silk options, bamboo silk and recycled ghost net fabrics, the fashion range caters to a variety of styles while promoting eco-consciousness. By allowing customers to customize their garments, Organico ensures a personalised experience that reflects the wearer's unique taste and size, making sustainable fashion accessible to all.