5 Ways To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

There are many, many ways to do this, across every industry, every issue and everything you normally buy, use or throw away.

You don’t have to make a massive shift with everything you do or buy, all at once (and certainly don’t throw out good stuff for more ‘sustainable’ versions).

To live a more sustainable life, it takes a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet style approach.

Being more sustainable isn’t an easily achieved goal you can tick off and the move onto the next thing on your list - it’s a lifelong journey, of learning, experimenting, failing, starting again and sharing your adventure.

 Sustainable Lifestyle

A ‘sustainable lifestyle’ can be broken down into many actions, but these are the top areas you should be looking to work on:

  1. Reduce your consumption

The world is drowning in our ‘consumed’ items, from nappies to plastic straws and if you want to be more sustainable - then looking at everything you buy as an eco-friendly decision is an important mindset shift.

You work hard for your money, spend it wisely with brands and services that care about nature and the planet, rather than ones that pile up goods and sell them cheap.

Stopping and questioning what you need - and why you need it and looking at other alternatives than just going out and buying it - is the first big step to being more sustainable - and you’ll be surprised how powerful it is. Hey, it often saves you money too.

  1. Stop buying fast fashion

Cheap clothes are made using toxic processes. There is plastic in 60% of all new clothing - so they don't break down in landfill. Your holiday Tshirt will still be in one piece in landfill long after you're dead. Organico, eliminates this and sells only eco-friendly products which are not difficult to dispose off too.

  1. Support small artisans and handicrafts 

This is a massive step to having a more sustainable lifestyle, but it often gets overlooked. Being more sustainable doesn't mean not buying anything ever again. Smaller, independent and local businesses are often more sustainable than the global corporations, so supporting them with your money is an important way of being more green.

Organico, again checks this off the list as one of its main goals is to support local businesses and empower women in rural areas along the way.

  1. Buy Organic

Organic simply means no chemical fertilisers, no antibiotics and no GM, with animals fed organic food and there's an emphasis on their welfare.

The name “ORGANICo” itself suggests that the brand only deals in organic materials, be it clothes (https://organico.sg/collections/tops/products/tale)  or skin care items (https://organico.sg/collections/skin-care).

    5.  Reduce your waste

Now this is another big step on the journey to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. What we throw away is causing huge problems for the planet - plus everything thrown away is a waste of resources, emissions, materials, time and money. It's the other half of reducing your consumption. Most of us think of buying something new, using it and then throwing it away as a straight line - whereas for us to use less of our planet's finite resources we need to be thinking circularly. This is the circular economy that you might have heard about - using waste products to make new things - and reducing a need for the bin at all. Reducing your single use plastic waste and your food waste are two massive steps to take to being more sustainable - and will save you money!

Being more sustainable or moving to a more sustainable lifestyle is not like adopting the latest crash diet. It's a long-term lifestyle change and a journey - one that will take you down rabbit holes you never expected and will probably introduce you to people you'd never have met otherwise. You won't get it right every day, you'll slip up, you'll forget, you'll be too tired to care...but don't give up. No one gets it right every time. Every decision you make, every product you buy can be an ethical decision - so every day that is millions of chances to make a more sustainable choice - and to become, slowly and steadily more sustainable. One doesn't have to be perfect, try more, do more, change more and inspire others - because we need everyone doing it a bit, rather than a few people doing it perfectly.


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